Housing Bronzeville

"Making home ownership opportunities possible for moderate-income Bronzeville residents."

Mission: Housing Bronzeville works to ensure a vibrant, politically empowered, economically diverse Bronzeville community by providing leadership to develop, maintain, and support affordable home ownership through the establishment of a Bronzeville Housing Trust Fund.  At all times, Housing Bronzeville insists that its activities and programs reflect the stated wishes of a majority of local residents.


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Background on the Affordable Housing Crisis in Bronzeville


Action Taken by Housing Bronzeville


Current Goals: Housing Bronzeville's "Bronzeville Proposal"

Join Housing Bronzeville Now! Together, Let's Stand Up for Bronzeville!


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Tillman to Third Ward Residents: "Y'All Are Gang-Bangers!" (April 2007)


City Tries to Muzzle Bronzeville Residents' Voice: Housing Bronzeville Threatened with up to $1 Million in Fines (November 2007)

Click here to read the enabling legislation drafted by Bronzeville's Blue Ribbon Committee:

Bronzeville Affordable Home Ownership Ordinance (Nov. 12, 2007)

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