What will the 2016 Olympics Mean for Bronzeville?
           Countdown to the IOC Decision on the 2016 Host City

IOC Involvement


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Housing Bronzeville's representative
(on right) delivers information packet for Mr. Kipchoge Keino, IOC delegate, to Mr. F.K. Paul, Secretary General, National Olympic Committee of Kenya

The Olympics is notorious for displacing low- and moderate-income residents. Two major Olympic centers are planned for Bronzeville that inevitably will have an effect on this neighborhood's community and housing stock.

The IOC, before its vote on the Olympic bid in October, must insist that the intent of its Olympic Games Impact Initiative be honored and that the City of Chicago support affordable home ownership initiatives before any further real estate development begins.


Housing Bronzeville's "Working Relationship" with the 2016 Games

At the Chicago 2016 press conference following the IOC visit in Chicago, 2016 President Lori Healey falsely claimed that the City of Chicago has been working with Housing Bronzeville "for a number of years to ensure long-term affordability in that neighborhood". To date, the City has failed to sign an agreement of any kind with Housing Bronzeville for affordable homes on the thousands of city-owned vacant lots in the community.

Before we openly welcome the Olympics into our neighborhood, we want a promise of affordable homeownership from our city government. Mayor Daley has told us that not one person will be displaced during the upcoming Olympics, but has yet to take any actions that will bind the City to this statement.


IOC/2016 Press Conference on April 7th, 2009
Jason and Kenyan official
April 25, 2009
Nairobi, Kenya

Fair Games? Reports and fact sheets from the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions on the Olympics impact on host cities


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