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What happened at briefing?
Read here: Housing Bronzeville News

Current Events

        Mayoral Candidate Miguel del Valle 

  • Candidate Miguel del Valle responds
    to Housing Bronzeville's demands. Read
    transcript in Housing Bronzeville News (page 2).
  • Housing Bronzeville issues "White Paper"
    for mayoral candidates. Read it here

Housing Bronzeville is a project of the Lugenia Burns Hope Center

Housing Bronzeville Holds Mayoral Briefing
Thursday, February 10, 2011, St. Elizabeth Church Hall









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Days with no signed agreement from City of Chicago
for Housing Bronzeville's Affordability Proposal

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Housing Bronzeville Supporters
* This represents the number of days during which the administration of Mayor Richard M. Daley failed to respond to Housing Bronzeville's proposal submitted to his office by local residents on June 23, 2009. The clock is now frozen at 692 days, pending discussions with the new administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.